True cleansing isn't about a whole-life overhaul .  

Small shifts done consistently (and even imperfectly) really do move the needle in how our body, mood and mind feel in our everyday lives... 

And I'd love to share with you the 5 "circles" of cleansing that are essential to having ongoing energy, vitality, and uplifted mood! 

  • Why does cleansing feel so complicated? (It shouldn't and I share how to make it simple!)
  • What 3 systems are critical to focus on when you are entering a whole-body cleanse? 
  • The 5 "Circles of Cleansing" that address your whole-life needs for more lightness, energy and vitality.  

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Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH is the founder and director of the WellGrounded Institute for Women's Wellness which trains women to blend their passion for women's wellness and desire to mentor and teach into a career as a Wellness Educator.